About Plotin A/S

Plotin A/S is a company started in 2006 with the aim to help business owners with our process. With The Process of Plotin we develop business processes and makes life easier and more inspiring for the owner. Most importantly we ensure that the economy is thriving and growing!

I started my first business back in 1986 while studying at Compenhagen Business Schooll. My company – DATA FORUM A/S – sold ERP-solutions (Microsoft-Navision) to smaller and medium sized trading-, service and production companies. During the 90s my partner, Mogens Johansen, joined me, and we expanded the company to include import and distribution of hardware to retail industries (eg. printers, scanners etc.). Our products came from all over the world.

In the year of 2000 we sold our hardware distribution activities to DIGIPOS – an English company – with subsidiaries in other countries. I continued as a member of the international borad in DIGIPOS and Mogens was CEO of the Danish department. In the meantime I was running our ERP- and IT-solutions in DATA FORUM A/S.

In 2003 I sold these activities to Inventio A/S and started as CEO of the European sales- and marketing division in DIGIPOS. After one year I was assigned to reorganise the nordic organisation represented in 4 countries.

In 2006 I wanted a change and was determined to focus on business development towards Danish companies. My new company adresses business owners directly but with a broader perspective than what ERP solutions had to offer.

And so, Plotin A/S was established. Maybe a peculiar name but the inspiration stemmed from the greek philosopher, whos stressed the point that we are all connected by something greater (in contrast to the beliefs of that time where gods ruled the world with their individual competencies).

We address business owner(s) and ensure business development through dynamic processes. We want to make sure that the company has a strong economy and the posibillity of surplus.

The business teqniques is a mix of optimizing the ERP systems to deliver the correct information (not just data), an efficient management and world-class marketing.

I now hope that you have gained insight into my background and that you now want to contact me for further information.

Best regards,
Hans Malmstrøm

Mobile +45 40 15 47 74  – Email: hm@plotin.dk

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